10 Normal Yoga Prevent Back Pain

Normal Yoga Prevent Back Pain

Normal Yoga Prevent Back Pain

But still it is necessary to know the adequate postures of Yoga! Here are 6 essential asanas to prevent back problems and relieve some chronic pain.

THE CAT (MÂRJÂRÂSANA):    Normal Yoga Prevent Back Pain

  • Benefits

The cat’s yoga posture is ideal for softening the spine, strengthening the transverse: deep muscle of the abdomen, but also refine the silhouette. Be careful, however, of fragile wrists.

  • How to get into the cat’s posture?

On all fours, shoulders above the wrists, hips above the knees open to the width of the pelvis, take a deep breath by digging the back, the belly relaxes to the ground. On exhalation, suck the navel into the spine and relax the head, the back is rounded. Repeat several times, always on the breath.


  • Benefits

The child’s yoga posture is an inescapable posture to stretch the back deep and bring back a feeling of calm, simply J

  • How to get into the position of the child?

Place both feet together and move the knees away from the carpet. Let the breast melt at the front of the rug and the pelvis touch the heels. The whole body is released, only the arms remain engaged. Breathe with the belly, keep the shoulders away from the ears … Release all tensions.


  • Benefits

This is THE yoga posture to stretch the back, soften the hamstrings, calves, but also the shoulders, feet and hands. When you start, you keep your knees bent. With a little practice, one can start to bring the heels back to the ground.

  • How to get into the posture of the Dog upside down?

From the Child’s posture, bring your hips back to the top of your knees, hook your toes into the floor and raise your hips to the ceiling. Look towards the navel and breathe with the abdomen. The shoulders remain facing outwards.


  • Benefits

The Cow’s Head allows to relax the hips and stretch the shoulders in depth. This is the ideal yoga posture to relieve the famous sciatica …

  • How to enter the posture of the Cow Head?

Sit down by placing the left knee over the right knee, the two glutes remain on the ground. Take a deep breath, extend the spine and bring your right hand between the two shoulder blades. Try to bring the other hand from the bottom. If you can not catch your right hand, use a strap or a sling. To accentuate the stretch, lean the bust towards the knees. Stay 5 breaths before releasing. Change side.


  • Benefits

The Barque’s yoga posture allows you to strengthen the lower back and stretch the front of the body. It also acts on the abdomen improving digestion.

  • How to get into the posture of the boat?

Lying on your stomach, extend your arms in front of you. On an inspiration, raise the left leg and the right arm. Release while exhaling. Repeat the opposite side action. Then lift both legs and both arms simultaneously, hold 3 breaths before releasing.

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