Diabetes with artificial snacks?

Many people think that it is better to take artificial sweeteners or sweets rather than sugar and diabetic pancakes. It is a mistake researchers. They conducted experiments on a few rats that provided artificial sweeteners. After a few days they were observed, and the changes in the weight of rodents were observed. We have seen the weight of rats grown in the past.Some rats have diabetes symptoms. They are inspired by artificial sweeteners that do not benefit from health benefits.

Eye protector chip…..

The Methodist Research Institute of Houston has created a new instrument that identifies the eye problem in the moments and presents the appropriate drug. A chip similar to retina using advanced technology.The researchers said that this tested the retina while keeping this chip at our eye and quickly recognizes the problem.

New medicine to prevent hair loss!!!

The researchers found the newest drug to check the hair ray problem. Rheumatoid arthritis, a cycloperine-A ‘medicine that uses autoimmune diseases can be used to increase the hair and experimenting with the new drug.However, researchers at the University of Manchester in the UK said more experiments on how much of it is safe.

Check the pain of the joint with fish oil…

Are you suffering from joint pain? But to get a gram of fish oil per day. Researchers say that arthritis (arthritis) is reduced. It’s also good for heart health. Fatty acids in fish oil have been shown to reduce swelling in the joint and relieve pain. The University of Surrey researchers analyzed 68 investigations and confirmed this

If you know the benefits of walking

People are suffering from BP, Sugar and Obesity. Interest in walking in the district is increasing. Walking body structure is changing. Walking has a variety of uses. Heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, mental stress, hypertension, obesity, and fat increases lifespan. Youth and adults walk in the towns and villages in the district as well as a part of life.

Like this beginning

– Walking starts with 5 to 15 minutes on the first day and gradually increase.
– buts must wear properly.
– Walking in the morning and evening is good for health if possible.
-Walking in the grounds is better than the roads.

Precautions to be taken

-Keep the body upright while waving hands.
-Reduce the speed before the waking stop.
-We should wear a loose dress when playing.
-The doctor should consult with health problems.
-Every day 30 to 45 minutes is good.
-He should be able to talk to each other whenever possible.
-When breathing is required breath control.
-Himoglobin is too low-should not be exercised.
-It is advisable to use drugs according to the doctor’s advice.