Home remides for foot injuries


We suffer from inconveniences due to pain in the legs. However, some types of home remedies can relieve these pain. The details are given here.

1.foot pains:

Foot pain is a very common problem. The toes may be in any area, such as the knee region, the middle or the foot. Pain, uncomfortable shoe, long walk or standing, mineral deficiency, diabetes and other health conditions can cause pain in the legs. These types of pains are quick to relieve some types of housing remedies and natural methods. Here are some of them.


Ice Therapy can be described as a powerful way to reduce pain and inflammation in the kidneys. Massage the small pieces of ice into a plastic bag and massage it in painful areas. This should not be more than 10 minutes with the ice bag, because the over time can cause skin and nerves to be at risk.

3.Clove oil:

Headache, arthritis, athlete’s pains, infection in the nose and immediate relief from the pain in the legs. Instant remedies can be applied immediately after applying the oil of lactation. Massage with this oil causes blood circulation to be done and the muscles are relaxed. For good results, apply cloves oil a few times a.


Vinegar removes the discomfort caused by inflammation caused by sprains and injuries. Take a bucket of boiling water and add two diced vinegar. Add a little Epsom salt as well. In this mixture, take about 20 minutes and feet. Doing this will help relieve the pains.

5.Epsom salt:

A quick relief from the pain of the epsom salt that contains healing properties. Take hot water in a bucket and add two to three teaspoon Epsom salt. Then place your hooks for 10 to 15 minutes. Apply moisturizing products to the feet after exhaling the legs. Because Epsom moves the salt legs dry.



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