If you combine the Camphor into the Neem leaf?


Camphor with neem leaf uses:

  • Smoke from smoke, smell reduces mental disturbance and anxiety by giving the god a holiness. That is why God gives a garland of camphor. Because to be calm and clean without any other ideas while meditating on God. Drugs of carbohydrates reduce cold. Reduces the thirst. Improves eyesight.


  • Infectious diseases will prevail. The tree leaves of the conifer laurel are made of camphor. If the smell of camphor smells, all the physical disorders are lost and rested. Mental calmness. Small amount of carbohydrates, such as low heart problems and fatigue, result in a small amount of carrot. Avoid all forms of arthritis. Neurological problems work well for back pain. Avoid allergies
  • If the carbohydrate in the coconut oil is put on the dirt, they will decrease. If it is caused by allergies, itching on rash and rash can be prevented. The taste of the mouthpiece is in Kamprampur. It loses the swelling on the skin.



  • Relieves headaches. Those who suffer from bronchitis are mucous in boiling water and relieve steam. In combination, carbohydrates can be combined to reduce the fatigue in asthma. Anti-septic properties are high in carrots. If you rub the carrot powder on the elbows, the skin becomes dark and the skin becomes dark.
  • If the smell of camphor looks, the nose is reduced to dubious. The whole room is perfumed if you use camphor or bath butter in a cooler bath in summer. Ayurvedic experts have suggested that if you mix the carbohydrates in the powdery neem leaf and then shave it after wetting, the pigs and dandruff can be prevented.
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