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Kala Movie Review

Superstar Rajinikanth,The film ‘Kala’ was released in Ranjith’s combo with huge expectations.The film became more and more hilarious when Dhanush produced the film on Wonder Bar Films banner. In the past, the film was created by Kabali. Ranjitha once again gave a chance to Rajini. Rajini trusts Ranjith Saved? After the entry of Rajini’s political entry, what response is there to ‘Kala’ movie? Original calendar let’s see how the citizens reaction to the movie.Even though the ‘Kala’ movie was released on June 7, one day in the USA, premiere shows on June 6th. According to the talk coming from there is a very positive response. Audiences who have seen the film have expressed their views through Twitter.

First off is a whole family entertainment and has given some kind of political touch. Rajinikanth’s intro scene and rain fight scenes say it’s gone. The second half is the struggle for the entire rights struggle. Especially in Rajinikanth’s mass look. Santosh Narayan’s background music is amazing, especially at the Rajini police station scene. Film maker Ramesh Bala tweeted that the film is getting good over from Overseas.

Kala Story

A gangster from Tirunelveli, who is the King of Dharavi, fights for keeping the land safe from mighty politicians and the land mafia.

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