If the child does not cry immediately after birth????

As long as the baby is in the womb, the food is supplied with the umbilical cord along the food. But when the baby is delivered, the baby first attempts to breathe air through the lungs. In this order, babies are crying. But there is no need for a coward every adult immediately after birth. Some children take a breathless breath.It is important to take a breath rather than crying here. Otherwise, the oxygen supply to the brain is decreased and the risk of brain damage. So the baby should immediately see the babies. If you do not cry, it is enough to wet the back. This will hurt and they breathe. If this happened, it means that there is something wrong with children. Oxygen is required for such children by ventilator.

Summer is cool in children!!!

Carefully take care of infants in the summer. Since the skin of the baby is very sensitive, the water is rapidly evaporating from the body. The children are subjected to dehydration. The body is warmed up. Mother’s milk may not be enough for some children. We lose weight. In this period, children lose 10% of their body weight. However, if the weight is less than 20%, the effect on the kidneys. In the body there is a decrease in alkaterlite. The greater the sodium, the kidney problems begin. To prevent this, mothers should use medicines to increase milk production, or substitute medicines for children. However, it is important to note that some of the symptoms are important to identify whether the milk is sufficient or not. Even if the baby is less than 20% of the weight loss, even the most crying, even after breastfeeding after breastfeeding mother, even though it is less than 7, 8 times a day.Those children should realize that their mother’s milk is inadequate dehydration. Also jaundice is found in some children. In the meantime, the child’s milk should also be consumed by breastfeeding. This must create a cool atmosphere at home with these cautions. If the AC is set to 28 degrees Celsius. If the AC does not have the door, the windows should be mats and tiles. The buckets filled with water should be kept in the room.

Proper medicine for children’s dental problems..

The kids smile laughing. Several lines look more beautiful. But children have dental problems. If you do not care about those problems, their beautiful laugh will not be shattered. If the elderly have a little bit of attention, they will give their children a beautiful sequence and pleasant smile.Changes in the mouth of children in age growing, jaw, bone problems and dental growth are common. In addition, kids are well-versed in junkfoods, chocolate and cold drops mouth oral health. If you do not take care of oral hygiene at the right time, it can lead to dental problems. Finger in the mouth is common in children. This habit will also cause dental problems.Common Dental Problems: Problems caused by pimples, gingivitis, palpitations at the right time, high teeth and face burns.
Pimples and gums: About 82 percent of children suffer from pimples and gums. This problem is caused by a number of factors, such as the food that the kids take and not brush properly. Bacteria can increase the number of millions of babies due to the strains of babies eaten and the remnants of the junkfood are attached to the teeth. This bacteria will release some chemicals in the mouth together with sugar substances.This results in the formation of cataracts. It can lead to spine.
Although these pimples do not bother in the first phase, the hairs become larger and the infection begins and the pain begins. Infection can be reached to the bone if not treated at the right time. There is a risk of damaging permanent tooth in front of you.
Due to the lack of proper cleaning of the food involved in the teeth, it is also a problem for gums and teeth. The bacteria, which are enormously increased in the mouth, combine to the plate, calculus (stucco) at the ends of the hips. This may cause problems such as bleeding, bleeding, bleeding and oral odor. Children may have difficulty in life if they are infected with gout.


Various special treatments are available in the mouth as well as filling for holes. Inflorescences and Problems This problem starts at the age of age. Properties: Most inherited. Even if one of the parent’s or both has a height of 70 percent of children.
Some of the reasons for this are the finger tips, biting lips, twisting the tongue with the mouth and breathing air. Then the growing jaw bones will turn to the side of the pressure. For this reason, the problem of jaw bone changes in children with high blood pressure is the problem. It is easier to adjust the height of the tooth problem in old age. Treatment results are also 100 percent.The teeth do not wake at the right time: usually there is a time for each crop to get rid of the polyps. When a permanent dent is made ready to come out, the milk pushes. They will last forever in 3-4 months. If the polyphon is not discouraged for any reason, the permanent tax will not be replaced, replacing it. Hence treatment should be treated. X-ray can help you learn how to get rid of polyps, permanent teeth, and permanent teeth.
Face-to-face problems are: It is common to hit the face when kids are struggling to fight or fight. Sometimes the teeth can break up and break. Treatment should be done immediately after injuries. If ignored, the shaking of the shaft shaft can be changed and the marks on the teeth remain. So if the tax breaks, it will immediately put the piece of fresh water into the dentist.