Mango Pudding


1.Mango pulp – some mangoes

2.milk – half liter
3.rice – a cup of sugar
4.sugar – five tablespoons
5.salt – pinch
6.ghee – a tablespoon
7.cashew nuts – eight
8.raisin – twelve
9.yakalpadai – a teas poon.                        



Rinse the rice in the water along with a quarter. Boil milk in the nontisk sauce pan. Rice should be filtered and boiled in boiling milk. Add rice to rice until it becomes soft. Then add the sugar and mix it until it is broken. Remove it from the stove and let it cool. In tablespoon ghee, add the cashew nuts and raisins until they are browned.Add mango pudding, salt (pinch), yak powder and mix well.This pudding is rich in cashew nuts and raisins.

Your laddo


1.Sesame – one cup panes

2.ghee – one tablespoon

3.jaggery slip – one cup of roasted

4.sprouted peanut powder

5.yakala powder- a half teespoon.


Take a large nostril pan and boil it and add eight minutes. Add the spatula to the middle. Take a deep nantik pan and warm the ghee in it. In a heated ghee, garnish the jaggery and mix well. Take four minutes to cook and cook on the fire. Along with Garitell Bell.Then add the sesame seeds and pepper powder. Add one minute mixture on a thin flame and add it to the barrel without stopping.Pour the mixture into the ghee and add two minutes.Wash the hands to the hands and grab a mixture on the plate. So the entire mixture should be short and short. After thoroughly cooling, keep the sesame seeds in the air-free bottle and firmly close the lid. These are tasteless. Very good for health.

Chicken Biryani

Required materials:

  • 1 tablespoon of garlic paste
  •  2 tablespoons of garlic paste
  • one tablespoon of yoghurt
  • a cup of onions
  • a cup of onion and green chillies
  • Five, dried chillies
  • six, yellow
  • pinch coriander
  • a bundle
  • salt – enough
  • oil – well.

Method of Making:

First clean the meat and add a little yellow, salt, ginger garlic paste and mix well and boil for two hours. Rinse rice and beat it. After about five minutes, water two and a half to cook and cook on the oven. Add another bowl on the stove and add the oil and add raw chilli and onion slices and red. Now add the soaked meat in yogurt and put half a boiled salad on it. One more layer of meat is to put the rest of the meat.Place the remaining on it and shake it. To avoid steam, keep the ground flour mixed to the edge of the lid. The dough should be thoroughly cooked until it is drained out. As the Ghummagalada biryani is made. At the end of the cotton, onion slices should be decorated.