NTR new filim by Trivikram

The director of the movie – Trivikram Srinivas, the director of the movie, has been seriously criticized since the release of this year’s anonymous Akta flap in the beginning. This was followed by NTR with Aravinda Veera Raghava. NTR’s release has been released with the title title.The NTR look at Mass Getap.

NTR is taking care of the film after anonymous fans flap with the latest talk in Tollywood. Prior to this, the title of the movie was only Trivikram Idea .. under Veeraraghava under the little letters of the title to make the title to make the NTR strongly insisted. But all of these are bad words. The film’s title is completely Trivikram Idiyane, a unit unit member said.NTR has not intervened much in this regard as the Trivikram clarity on why it is to be done.

Even though the Trivikram career was flopped, none of the anonymous users could do so. That’s why Trivikram is with the pandemonium to hit the hit film. NTR also believes that he is giving preference to him as he says, with the belief in the script on the trivikram. It is learned that a special focus on the Trivikram action episodes in a half of the film is that they are getting highlighted for the  movie.