Naa Nuvve Movie Review: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and Tamannaah Bhatia test our sanity

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Naa Nvve Movie Review:

Director : Jayendra Panchapakesan
Producers : Kiran Muppavarpu, vijayakumar vattikuti
Tarring : Kalyan Ram, Tamannaah, Vennela Kishore
Music Director : Sharreth



You have not met me however I actually have met you a lot times,” Meera (Tamannaah) tells Varun (Nandamuri Kalyan Ram). He gets confused. She tells, “Give American state one hour, i’ll justify you everything.” He says no. She asks for half-hour and he refuses. She insists and eventually, he settles for ten minutes. for a few cryptic reasons, Varun isn’t interested to search out out why one in every of the foremost lovely ladies on the earth desires to speak to him. At the eating place, Varun puts Meera on the clock as he begins to count each second along with her. Despite her skills in radio jockeying, Meera continuously is at loss of words once she sees him. In her words, the time freezes. therefore what’s her story? Why is she therefore head over heels in love with him? With somebody, she is aware of nothing about? The one United Nations agency is clearly making an attempt to shut her out? It’s as a result of she considers him as her ‘lucky charm’.
How did that happen? Let’s blame it on fate. a minimum of that’s what Meera desires U.S.A. to believe. It all begins with Kalyani’s book Love Signs. Kalyani is 70-plus and she or he is that the gran of Varun. She hopes to search out the correct match for her offspring exploitation cues from Love Signs. That book lands in Meera’s hands and so the story goes down the hollow of destiny, love and magic.

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Writer pair D Suresh and associate Balakrishnan, drawing heavily from nonsensical selections like good fortune (2001), have created a movie jam-packed with facepalm moments. Varun is unloving and non-believer in fancy terms like destiny and Meera may be a hopeless romantic. She is such a radical believer in destiny and fate that she simply blindly lets something and everything to form choices for her. for example, she desires to urge down at a train station. But, she decides otherwise as a result of a bit lady didn’t need her to deboard the train. United Nations agency was that small lady, anyway? Meera keeps creating a series of such ridiculous selections blurring the lines between romantic film and parody.
What’s a lot of intriguing is what inspired the filmmakers to color such a bleak image of the actor. we tend to barely recognize something concerning Varun. He desires to fly away to Seattle, wherever he has apparently got employment. But, I can’t presumably recall the writers caring to inform U.S.A. something a lot of concerning him. wherever is he from? What concerning his parents? the sole factor that’s clear concerning the protagonist is that he doesn’t believe destiny and he can exit of his thanks to discourage those who believe fate. He toys with Meera and his own emotions with a group of tests. But, he finally ends up testing our mental health. If not for these tests, the film would have over before its one hour fifty eight minutes runtime. that might are such a relief.
The filmmakers very fail to make any quite tension into the script and director Jayendra Panchapakesan’s incoherent try at genre adds to our distress.

The conflict purpose of the film isn’t the least bit robust. there’s no major drama that’s created between the lead try to form things fascinating and this wherever the film disappoints. The film lacks basic chemistry between the lead try. despite the fact that Kalyan Ram tries onerous to try to to his best, his character is sort of contrary and lacks basic clarity.

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