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Hair color change in this modern life has become a problem. Hair color changes due to the lack of a pigment called melanin. As well as genetic issues, some chemical reactions occur in the body and the hair change can also be caused by environmental contamination. As well as in the subjective situation, the color of the hair will change as well as anxiety.


  • Mix one tablespoon of pulp and lemon juice (half lemon slice) into half a liter of water. You can get good results by applying the water to the head before it gets off.
  • Take 1 kg ghee and add 150 grams of honey and 1 liter of pepper and mix well. All the water in it must be heated as much as it evaporates. Once the solution is made, a glass bottle should be taken. Before heading it to the head. By doing so you have a chance to get a black hair.
  • Take some mango leaves and apply them to the hair and clean it with good water after 15-20 minutes. Doing so will make your hair grow faster and become dark too.
  • Add some mango leaves and some raw sacks and put them in oil and put in sunlight for a long time. Writing off the oil causes the hair to stop and black hair.
  • Using the oil of mango seed becomes white as a black tea. As well as stops the hair and dandruff does not help.

This tip will help you restore a pigment called Melanin, which is lost. Take the dried beans and put it in coconut oil for three days. The oil should be heated until black. Apply this oil on the head and wash it off after an hour.

Ursiri and Gorinta Paste:

3 tablespoons fresh geronta paste, 1 tbsp of thin powder and mix it with coffee powder and paste in the appropriate dose. Apply the paste to the head and place it for 2 hours and clean the head with any shampoo. This is a great practice.



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