These five tips are a healthy growth in children


For growing childrens

In the present time, the growth of many girls and boys is very small. The heredity of this growth is one reason. However, we do not take proper nutrition and may increase growth. During the teens, the hormone of the growth increases. Good nutrition is a good growth during this time. Let’s know the food ingredients.

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1. In a glass of milk every day drink a little jaggery, 5 peppers and cinnamon powder overnight. Doing regularly for 3 months can get good results.

2. Pumpkin is soft and boiled with a little bit of boiled powder and a little honey, each day eating two tons of coffee at the time of feeding and helps to build tissues that increase the length and muscle growth.

3. Take the daily dose of amla and helps to increase the height. CVV, phosphorous, calcium and mineral content can help increase the length.

4. Adding spinach, carrot, honey and soybeans in the diet we take in the day will help increase the height. These are rich in fiber, calcium, iron and are useful for growth.

5. Pour the dried spinach, cumin and cinnamon and grind it off. It is stored in the bottle and grows well enough to drink a glass of milk every day in a glass of milk. Exercising everyday, bicycling and skipping is also a good result.

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