Your children need to sleep properly


children sleep properly

After feeding the child’s growth, sleep is more necessary. Both the body’s growth and the brain evaporates both in sleep. They are unique to the children, just like the older ones in sleep. Sleep disturbances in adolescence, along with problems in sleep aptitude But the difference is that it is a kind of tumor. Another kind of bigger children. When children are sleeping and sleeping, the same kids are nervous.

The changes in the modern lifestyle are the reasons for the reduction of sleep hours in everyone. After TV culture, many children do not sleep quickly. There are no holidays in vacations. But when you are in school, you need to send a sleepwalk. Sleeping habits are very common in children.The habit of doing this is called ‘bed routines’ in medical terms. After a meal, you should be able to have a bathing and bathing before bedtime, bathing, bathing, and bed dressing every day.

  • Adolescents should be adapted to age for age
  • You should look at the same time to spend the night and stay free, regardless of the holidays.
  • Vacation of children during vacations If you change, you need to correct sleep times from at least a week before opening school.
  • Do not put televisions, computers, video games in children’s rooms. You should not watch them for half an hour before sleeping. To read before half an hour, stop working at home.
  • In the evenings, joggers must follow the food at night eating. Do not drink cola drinks after chocolate. Kefin, which is present in the drops of daily sleep.
  • Children should be taught to relax the sleeping drug. ‘Bed routines’ should be customized.
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